How I Got Pregnant in Just One Month After a Year of Hard Work

How I Got Pregnant in Just One Month After a Year of Hard Work

I’m Chloe. 2016 was an awesome year for me. I got married at the age of 26 and I got a simple wedding I’ve always wanted. I was at my happiest! I can still smell the garden roses and lilacs that lined up the aisle and I can still see the happy faces of our dearest family and friends. At the end was my soulmate, my partner waiting for me. I can see all the love he has for me on his face. At that moment, I knew I’ve found my home.

The frustrations and failures came too fast.
We planned to have a baby as soon as we got married. It’s our dream to start our own family. We started trying one month into our marriage. The stress of conceiving became the first test we encountered as we never thought it would be as difficult as it turned out to be.

The endless tests and trying.
Like most women, I used the calendar method in tracking my peak days. Since we both wanted to get pregnant right away, we made love every other day in the first month, but we got nowhere. Each month was more discouraging than the last.

We tried different methods we found online, which included using those cheap ovulation tests. We even stuck them on a notepad with dates – a technique I learned from an active TTC subreddit. Other than the headaches I got, it didn’t seem to work right – there was an instance when I got a digital kit and the screen froze!

Aside from these mishaps, it also gave inaccurate results in terms of my ovulation date so I had to wait for an entire month to pass before trying again. I also had to deal with kits with broken batteries after I used it.

On the 9th month of trying, we got a false alarm on a pregnancy test which was so sad. I’ve tried chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, and even acrobatics (imagine an abundance of headstands that happened in our bedroom during these).

The waiting game tested our patience..
After 11 months of trying, there’s still no sign of ovulating. There were times when I can’t help but think there’s something wrong with me, even if I know there wasn’t. Each failed test is disheartening and tough. To get through days of getting negative results, I allowed myself to cry, be angry, and be sad.

When all hope is lost..
It was a blessing when my husband took home the Eveline smart ovulation tests recommended by his sister-in-law. It’s an ovulation kit that tracks all your tests and tells you when you are on your peak days via an app that comes with it.

It’s a urine-based OPK that requires zero guesswork. The clip-on-reader and the phone give you the test result in one click.

Three (3) different smiley faces appear on my phone telling me my fertility level.

I began taking the ovulation test a week after my period. And as expected, it showed that I was at low fertility.

This OPK is a miracle worker because it notifies me about the time of my ovulation so we can perfectly time our love-making day. How awesome is that?

I then tried a test 12 days after my period. Perfect timing! I got a smiley face showing “high fertility.”

This means I was ovulating, and there’s a high chance of pregnancy. We made love on this day, which was 9-7-2017. I then attempted to check again the next day, 9-8-2017, and another smiley face with heart eyes appeared. This notification mean I was at my peak, so we made love again on this day.

I never thought magic could be real.
On a bright and sunny Tuesday afternoon of September 26th, I was not feeling well so I decided to take the day off.

My period wasn’t late and it’s usually due on the 30th but I still took a pregnancy test. It was a pleasant surprise when the test came out positive.

I was so shocked, I just stared at my pregnancy test result. I needed to make sure that I was not dreaming so I took eight more tests. And I sat there, holding my pregnancy kit in utter disbelief! It is real!

I cannot contain my happiness so I had to call my husband immediately at work. He panicked upon hearing my frantic voice.

Me: Hey baby..
Him: Are you okay? Did something happen? Please tell me you’re fine.
Me: We’re pregnant..
Him: **I heard him shouting in the background “We’re pregnant” to everyone!**

Don’t lose hope dear.

Getting the timing right and counting fertility on your own is definitely a hit or miss. The accuracy will not be 100%, compared to this smart fertility tracker.

Eveline is your easy-to-use and accurate ovulation predictor. It’s a system that predicts your peak fertile days and sends a reminder on your phone.

Eveline records your precise ovulation and analyzes your data to predict your next ovulation. It does all the work for you. I want you to experience the hassle-free journey that I got with this pocket-sized personal assistant. Let this kit work its magic on you too!

Road to motherhood.
It’s been 2 months now since I learned that I’m pregnant and we’re still overwhelmed with happiness. All the struggles and hard work were all worth it. The journey wasn’t easy; it was full of frustrations, disappointments and longing, but the result made it totally worth it. We just can’t wait to meet our little angel. Hope you get to meet yours soon, too!