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SMART START TO YOUR FAMILY - Eveline’s fertility tracker gives you a smart, modern way of tracking fertility and getting pregnant fast. No more missed windows and hard-to-read results. Conception becomes a simple affair with Eveline.

GET ACCURATE RESULTS WITH EVELINE. To do or not to do? That is the ultimate question for couples. Eveline helps you by tracking your LH hormone (not temperature) so you get fast, accurate results to know if it’s the ideal sexy time or not.

NO MORE MISSED “BABYMAKING” WINDOWS. Goodbye complicated calendar notes. Eveline records each test you take. Once time, Eveline’s app sends you a reminder to perform the test again. If in PEAK, it can send a discreet note to your partner too.

5-PACK SET W/ 30 DAY GUARANTEE. This kit gives you 5 ovulation test strip packs for consistent fertility test monitoring. Eveline is the latest Baby-tech award winning technology. Test it and share your experience. The Eveline team is here to help.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Using Eveline to test ovulation is easy and simple. Our unique fertility kit comes with test strips, a clip-on holder to hook to your smartphone and a free downloadable Eveline smart app.


1. Use the test strip as you would a pregnancy strip.

2. Launch the Eveline smart app. Attach the strip to the holder and clip it on the front camera of your smartphone.

3. Find out the results!

Winner of the 2018 “The Best of babytech Awards”, Eveline, The Smart Start of Your Baby-Making Plan

Eveline’s Smart Ovulation Test Kit, tested with user’s mobile phone and calculated by smart app, brings the women’s ovulation prediction and pregnancy planning to the 21st century.

Your mobile phone can be used together with Eveline Smart Ovulation Predictor Kit to predict your ovulation fertile window, days that baby-making would be most successful, giving you a smart starting point for your journey to pregnancy.

Eveline is a Smart Ovulation Predictor Kit that uses the world’s first PIXO technology in the smart healthcare history.

Created by iXensor, the patented PIXO technology includes both hardware and software technology. The kit comes with a smart clip and enables your mobile phone to track your body LH hormone surge, an accurate method over body temperature monitoring. Eveline’s app records your period cycle, performs smart calculations and provides testing reminders. The testing results will tell you when it’s the best time for your baby-making actions. Unlike some products, bluetooth connection is not required and you may share test results with your partner right away. It is no wonder that Eveline received the “Best of BabyTECH Awards”, provided by the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in the United States.

No more complicated calendar notes, second guessing your test strip results or missing your chance. Eveline does all the work for you, a smart way to start your baby-making planning.

The Innovative ovulation testing and tracking solution