Get Pregnant Now: 6 Things You Should Do Aside From Having Sex

Get Pregnant Now: 6 Things You Should Do Aside From Having Sex

Check out these expert-approved tips you should do to help you conceive successfully!

Once you’re ready to start a family or grow it further, waiting is the last thing you want to do. Unfortunately, getting pregnant is not a magic trick that you and your partner can perform anytime.

Did you know that a healthy, 30-year-old woman only has a 20% chance at a successful pregnancy each month? Varying from woman to woman, fertility declines in each person for a number of reasons including ovarian function, menstrual cycle, quality of eggs, and genetic differences.

This doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you—it may take time but it will be worth it. If you’re eager to help the process along, here are a few things you can do that can bring you closer to meeting your bundle of joy

1. Get a prenatal check-up

Whether you’ve just decided to start trying or you’ve been at it for a while, scheduling an appointment with your doctor is essential. While your OB-GYN will not be able to predict exactly when it will happen, they will have general predictions based on your age and health history that can help you out.

2. Tweak your lifestyle habits.

Getting pregnant starts with YOU so it’s important to try to be as healthy as possible. Most commonly, doctors recommend improving exercise habits, eliminating alcohol, cutting back on caffeine, and quitting smoking. These factors will increase your chances of conceiving while reducing the risk of certain birth defects.

3. Avoid using lubricants when getting intimate.

Some people might tell you that using a lubricant helps sperm move faster, but the truth is, this practice can significantly decrease your chances of conception as many lube formulas have a tendency to alter the pH balance of the vagina.

4. Observe cervical mucus changes.

Once your body adjusts to trying to get pregnant, you will experience changes in your cervical mucus. As the ovarian follicle develops, your estrogen level rises which causes discharge to become thin and slippery. Once this happens, you should begin having sex regularly until ovulation where it becomes thick and sticky.

5. Timing is everything.

The best way to increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure that you’re having sex at the right time in your cycle. This is where an ovulation testing kit might come in handy. Most doctors recommend them for an accurate measure of ovulation and fertility peaks so you can plan when to get intimate accordingly.

6. Don’t believe old wives’ tales.

There are a lot of old school beliefs about sex and fertility—these include trying different positions or keeping the hips elevated after sex for a period of time. Others claim that the woman needs orgasm to ensure conception. Unfortunately, there are no existing studies that support these claims.

For a successful conception, you should stick to practices that are researched-based and have definitive data to back it up. It also helps not to give in to the pressure and just have fun in the process!


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